How a Coffee and Our GPS App Saved us on Our Trip to Calaveras Big Trees State Park.

Last week, my wife and I went out on a road trip, from our home in San Francisco, to the Calaveras Big Trees State Park. This was our second driving trip this year, having earlier driven through the state of NevadaLast week, my wife and I went out on a road trip, from our home in San Francisco, to the Calaveras Big Trees State Park.  earlier.

We were pretty excited and had everything very well planned out. My wife was eager on driving and soon, we were off. Having keyed in the destination on the GPS app on my head up display, I docked my phone on the dashboard and activated the voice alert features. This allowed my wife to concentrate on the road, while I was clicking a few photographs of the majestic highway sights.

We were in for a little surprise en route, as there had been an unprecedented mishap on the road. Some driver had managed to topple the car over on a corner and another careless driver had rammed into him from behind. This immediately caused an increase in the density of traffic around the area before everything soon came to a standstill. We were about 2 miles away from this, when the GPS app indicated that there was a lot of traffic up ahead. Surprised, I decided to take a closer look at what was going on and went on to find other drivers in the vicinity with the social features of the app. Soon, we learnt of what had happened and we were advised to stay away till the traffic had cleared.

The map on the GPS app showed no possible diversions and we would have had to go back five miles to take one. However, the app indicated a café not too far away from where we were and we decided to head there for a while. Having enjoyed a cup of coffee, we decided to take a second look at the traffic scenario and were glad to find that things had begun clearing off. Thanks to the smartphone navigation app, we were able to save ourselves a great deal of problems and even managed to get ourselves some refreshments in between.

This was the only surprise that we had to face and the app guided us smoothly to our destination hotel. The estimated time of travel and the amount of fuel as suggested by the app also proved to be remarkably accurate.

Our return trip back home was less eventful, but I must say that the app has served us a lot of good. Without this technology, we would have had to stop and ask for directions now and then and would have been caught up in long traffic jams more often than not. Driving off without a map can easily lead to one getting lost and in today’s world, this holds true for a smartphone navigation app. Without it, you will face a lot of problems in driving around and might even end up getting helplessly lost. I would never venture out without my navigation app, it just makes things so much more simpler and hassle free.


Essential Tips For a Roadtrip in Goa, India

While travelling around in Goa, one definitely needs to have a vehicle. There are scores of beaches, forts, churches, markets, temples, hiking trails and many other attractions for tourists. Spread across a stretch of thousands of kilometers, unless one makes use of a vehicle in the area, months will be required to properly explore and grasp the beauty of the place.

However, having a vehicle is not the end of it. The roads around Goa are very narrow, winding and do not have any signs at all. While India is a populous city, when driving around in Goa, it is difficult to find somebody out on the roads who can help out with directions. Driving around can be confusing and frustrating, not to mention dangerous, with poor infrastructure of roads in a number of areas.

As such, making use of a navigation app can come in really handy. Everybody makes use of smartphones today and there are a number of apps that can help with navigation. Of the many different apps, those apps which are capable of downloading and caching maps for use offline prove to be particularly useful.

India does not have proper cellular data connectivity across a number of rural areas and this proves to be true for Goa as well. As such, while the real time GPS and online navigation maps can work quite well in the larger cities, they fail miserably in road trips. When making use of offline maps, only the GPS of the smartphone is used and navigation is based on the current location based around a pre-downloaded map of the area. Over the years, technology has gotten better and today, the offline maps of Goa are incredibly detailed. Not only do they include all of the landmarks and the attractions in Goa, but they also show the smallest of routes and trails, which can help save a lot of time in commuting.

The best apps that are available in the app stores today offer a number of features and go beyond simple navigation. Some of the features that are common across most navigation applications include voice navigation features, multiple language support, speed limit warnings, detailed 2D and 3D maps, a database of points of interest, lane by lane guidance and many other features. Technology has come a long way to offer utmost driving convenience, even in a developing region, with poor network connectivity and road infrastructure. In fact, the navigation systems prove to be accurate and allow drivers to avoid any chances of being misguided or lost in a new area.

While there may be a number of paid and premium apps available in the market, for the average driver, a free navigation app should suffice. Even the free apps contain more features than what will probably be required on a road trip or a vacation to Goa. Fortunately, offline maps are very detailed and accurate as also is GPS technology very reliable. This allows a location accuracy of about 10 meters, using which navigation will never prove to be a problem.

Sure, with real time updates and with connectivity to the internet, there are even larger possibilities of what can be done with such an app. Drivers will be able to interact with each other and receive live updates regarding traffic conditions. However, this will take some time, with the cellular data connectivity of the region having to improve first. In any case, the future seems to be bright, with a number of companies actively working towards creating better apps for navigation and the penetration of cellular internet getting better all across India.

A modern navigation system
GPS navigation

Wondering How to Download Free GPS Navigation to Your Mobile Phone?

Today most mobile phones, certainly high-end models are coming with GPS navigation built-in them

allowing you to pin-point the position with great accuracy. Complementing this, many software

applications have arrived that give you detailed mapping services on your phones and calculate the route

helping you to get from one place to another.

Many familiar names around are offering satellite navigation on mobile phones, if it does not come as

installed. If you don’t have a free GPS app installed by default, then you can download it easily. Nokia has come with their mapping solution that is GPS-

enabled Nokia smartphones but in a basic package it doesn’t have voice navigation solution included that is

safe while driving. The situation has changed now, and many latest Nokia, or any other

smartphones are eligible for downloading latest maps and have the advantage of voice navigation for

free. Once you download the map applications, there is an option for male or female voice available in

numerous languages so download as you wish. The maps are there to download foir over 70

countries for free.

Google is also offering free mapping service on many of the popular branded phones, and it allows

finding navigation routes needed for you, but without the option of voice navigation. There is voice

navigation option in some phones that run Android OS from Google. The difference with thr Google

application is other manufacturers offer free map updates which can be downloaded whenever needed rather

than running in phone memory.

The solution you choose depends on the phone you are using. If you were using a Nokia phone, then try the Map navigation app but you can also try Google map if you are not interested in turn by turn navigation. In other smartphones, Google maps are provided free and it’s a good application that helps you find any place you want and take you where you need.

Nowadays, most smartphones are coming with free navigation apps. That means no need to pay the monthly fee or a download price and no updating cost required. The freest app running is Google Maps Navigation  6.7.0.

samsung navigation app

Worth visiting places of Malaysia

I had the annual vacations on my way and my love for travelling was poking me when Malaysia hit my mind. As I reached there, I was so glad that I choose Malaysia for my vacation. Malaysia is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to. It is so far the best place to relax and meditate your mind. The amazing beaches, a lot of haunting caves, jungles and tropical islands were on my list. I didn’t waste any time at all and started exploring these places right away. Thanks to my navigation software, I didn’t face much problem in finding these places. Traveling to Tropical Island and jungles satisfied the nature lover inside me. I was so amazed to see how beautiful and clean the jungles were kept.

My next destination was Kuala Lumpur. I don’t know why Kuala Lumpur is so overlooked by the tourists, as I found it pretty much amazing. The Petronas Twin Towers truly reflects the modernization of this country. I have a huge thing when it comes to the historical architectural places, which took me to Sultan Abdul Samad Building. The amazing Victorian as well as Moorish architecture of this amazing building was worth every look. I spotted a Mosque which was a true beauty in every way. The amazing lawns and royal fountains made it look it like a royal religious place.

While travelling, I love to shop around. I do not mind the high price of the anything only if they are up to my standards. Malaysia had some of the largest shopping malls that I have ever been to. For me, it was impossible to visit more than one mall a day. My samsung navigation app helped me to find the right brands I was looking for. The food in Malaysia was also an important part of my travelling. I actually had almost found every type of cuisine in Malaysia.

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Perspective of Truck Driving Trainers

Some new drivers are anxious about driving such a huge vehicle on the road. Really, this is the most straightforward piece of truck driving. Yes, there are additional difficulties when driving an immense vehicle however in all honesty, anyone can figure out how to drive a truck straight down a parkway. At the point when figuring out how to drive a truck, it’s the various stuff, you ought to be concerned with. Alternating, overseeing stop lights, anticipating what different cars and trucks around you will do sponsorship into tight spaces, city lanes, tight pickup and conveyance areas, and a million different things.

Don’t bother what others Think

Driving a huge, moderate truck is much unique in relation to driving a car. You need to alternate gradually, you quicken gradually, it takes you longer to pass, and it’s harder for others to pass you. Fundamentally, you are constantly in the method for individuals, continually going excessively moderate, and no one ever needs to be behind you. That is life as a trucker. You will make individuals upset. Yet the more you attempt to surge and to a greater degree a rush you’re in, the more you will commit errors and improve the probability of a mischance.

Truck Sharing

Keep in mind; this is an interim circumstance to track the truck with the help of navigation system. Some of navigation systems can also detect speed cameras Sharing a truck with an aggregate more unusual can and will test your quietness now and again. At the same time that may not be the situation. The length of your mentor is sheltered, simply stick it out. After organization preparing, you’ll never need to share a truck until the end of time. Furthermore recollect, your coach is surrendering his individual space and flexibility to have you ready for. This isn’t a cakewalk for your mentor, either.



Travelling to Nepal was yet another experience which was so thrilled and had so much memories to share with my friends and family till now. It was some years ago I went with my college friends as an industrial visit. We did not have much time to sleep or eat. We totally forgot about all that and were enjoying to the core. The whitewater rafting in Nepal was one other adventurous experience in my whole life and the Durbar Square temple should be a real mention of sharing. Unfortunately we had to stop at a place for directions as there were not much people out there for providing directions. The highway was through the forest to the temple and we were scared about travelling as there were talks that some strange wild animals used to block the highways sometimes. But fortunately one of my friend in the bus had a smartphone and the Google Maps was on that phone. She brought it only for taking photos and she was not aware how to use them. Therefore a GPS navigation tool makes all the difference. One other friend knows how to do it and he used it and directed the bus driver. Thank god we are had a safe journey, so if you are planning to travel there, don´t forget to download GPS India to your smartphone, it has also maps for Nepal. It was scary to be in the highways during night time. The temple was located in Kathmandu and is been greatly decorated with gold and crystal stones. Travelling to the white water rafting was yet another thrilling note. We went through the riverbanks in the boat and with all guts. It was a do or die trip and I kept screaming until I touched the land. Oh my God! I wish I would have another chance to go there for a second scream. I just loved the whole travelling plan with all my lovable friends. The next time I wish to take my family with me.


Driving a big truck in an unknown territory; it is safe?

Safety comes first above all what is concerned even in rescue missions. If you are trucker and have to
travel through unknown territories then you will be worried about the safety of you and your vehicle. If
the journey is longer and takes days, you will need information on all sorts of resources like gas stations,
restaurants and other necessary locations. You would also want to know if there are unwanted things on
your way.

When passing through long ranges of land, the climate changes are evident. You would want to have
updated information on the kind of climate where you are travelling and where you are headed to.
Sometimes the climates change rapidly in a few areas. If there was a heavy rain, you would want to park
your truck aside the road and wait until there is a clear visibility of the road. If you knew that it is going to rain in the next few hours, then you can choose a place to park and take a small rest. There has to be someone that can give you this information.

Luckily, there are modern satellite navigation systems that come with various capabilities. Some of them
include an updated weather forecast and weather conditions reports. All what you have to do is just touch
the screen. A few long distance journeys have to get through some not so good roads at some points.

When you have to go through these roads, you have to be careful if these roads are safe to drive with the
amount of load on your truck.

The truck gps software also come with an inbuilt facility which can give you specifications about the
roads that you select. The allowed weight, width and length of the vehicle are all documented. You can
check these in advance or while travelling to select your roads. Safety first and it is served well with some
of these navigation systems.