Travelling to Nepal was yet another experience which was so thrilled and had so much memories to share with my friends and family till now. It was some years ago I went with my college friends as an industrial visit. We did not have much time to sleep or eat. We totally forgot about all that and were enjoying to the core. The whitewater rafting in Nepal was one other adventurous experience in my whole life and the Durbar Square temple should be a real mention of sharing. Unfortunately we had to stop at a place for directions as there were not much people out there for providing directions. The highway was through the forest to the temple and we were scared about travelling as there were talks that some strange wild animals used to block the highways sometimes. But fortunately one of my friend in the bus had a smartphone and the Google Maps was on that phone. She brought it only for taking photos and she was not aware how to use them. Therefore a GPS navigation tool makes all the difference. One other friend knows how to do it and he used it and directed the bus driver. Thank god we are had a safe journey, so if you are planning to travel there, don´t forget to download GPS India to your smartphone, it has also maps for Nepal. It was scary to be in the highways during night time. The temple was located in Kathmandu and is been greatly decorated with gold and crystal stones. Travelling to the white water rafting was yet another thrilling note. We went through the riverbanks in the boat and with all guts. It was a do or die trip and I kept screaming until I touched the land. Oh my God! I wish I would have another chance to go there for a second scream. I just loved the whole travelling plan with all my lovable friends. The next time I wish to take my family with me.


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