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Worth visiting places of Malaysia

I had the annual vacations on my way and my love for travelling was poking me when Malaysia hit my mind. As I reached there, I was so glad that I choose Malaysia for my vacation. Malaysia is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to. It is so far the best place to relax and meditate your mind. The amazing beaches, a lot of haunting caves, jungles and tropical islands were on my list. I didn’t waste any time at all and started exploring these places right away. Thanks to my navigation software, I didn’t face much problem in finding these places. Traveling to Tropical Island and jungles satisfied the nature lover inside me. I was so amazed to see how beautiful and clean the jungles were kept.

My next destination was Kuala Lumpur. I don’t know why Kuala Lumpur is so overlooked by the tourists, as I found it pretty much amazing. The Petronas Twin Towers truly reflects the modernization of this country. I have a huge thing when it comes to the historical architectural places, which took me to Sultan Abdul Samad Building. The amazing Victorian as well as Moorish architecture of this amazing building was worth every look. I spotted a Mosque which was a true beauty in every way. The amazing lawns and royal fountains made it look it like a royal religious place.

While travelling, I love to shop around. I do not mind the high price of the anything only if they are up to my standards. Malaysia had some of the largest shopping malls that I have ever been to. For me, it was impossible to visit more than one mall a day. My samsung navigation app helped me to find the right brands I was looking for. The food in Malaysia was also an important part of my travelling. I actually had almost found every type of cuisine in Malaysia.


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