How a Coffee and Our GPS App Saved us on Our Trip to Calaveras Big Trees State Park.

Last week, my wife and I went out on a road trip, from our home in San Francisco, to the Calaveras Big Trees State Park. This was our second driving trip this year, having earlier driven through the state of NevadaLast week, my wife and I went out on a road trip, from our home in San Francisco, to the Calaveras Big Trees State Park.  earlier.

We were pretty excited and had everything very well planned out. My wife was eager on driving and soon, we were off. Having keyed in the destination on the GPS app on my head up display, I docked my phone on the dashboard and activated the voice alert features. This allowed my wife to concentrate on the road, while I was clicking a few photographs of the majestic highway sights.

We were in for a little surprise en route, as there had been an unprecedented mishap on the road. Some driver had managed to topple the car over on a corner and another careless driver had rammed into him from behind. This immediately caused an increase in the density of traffic around the area before everything soon came to a standstill. We were about 2 miles away from this, when the GPS app indicated that there was a lot of traffic up ahead. Surprised, I decided to take a closer look at what was going on and went on to find other drivers in the vicinity with the social features of the app. Soon, we learnt of what had happened and we were advised to stay away till the traffic had cleared.

The map on the GPS app showed no possible diversions and we would have had to go back five miles to take one. However, the app indicated a café not too far away from where we were and we decided to head there for a while. Having enjoyed a cup of coffee, we decided to take a second look at the traffic scenario and were glad to find that things had begun clearing off. Thanks to the smartphone navigation app, we were able to save ourselves a great deal of problems and even managed to get ourselves some refreshments in between.

This was the only surprise that we had to face and the app guided us smoothly to our destination hotel. The estimated time of travel and the amount of fuel as suggested by the app also proved to be remarkably accurate.

Our return trip back home was less eventful, but I must say that the app has served us a lot of good. Without this technology, we would have had to stop and ask for directions now and then and would have been caught up in long traffic jams more often than not. Driving off without a map can easily lead to one getting lost and in today’s world, this holds true for a smartphone navigation app. Without it, you will face a lot of problems in driving around and might even end up getting helplessly lost. I would never venture out without my navigation app, it just makes things so much more simpler and hassle free.


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